You will want to keep your Cocobum swimwear forever. Unfortunately, irritants such as chlorine, sun and salt can do a real number on your Cocobum piece. That is why we are giving you next tips to make it last forever and ever.

  • Shower you beloved piece first. Take a quick rinse (with chilly water) in the shower when you wear your swimwear for the first time. This initial rinse will make sure that your swimwear will suffer less from chlorine water. We know, this might sound crazy, but you will thank us later.

  • Give it its bath, a cold one. Be sure to hand-wash your swimwear immediately after removing it with cold water (the colder, the better), and mild not coloured soap to wash off the traces of salt and chlorine. Do not put your swimwear in the washing machine or dryer, it might damage the fabric. We know how tempting it is, but it is important to hand-wash it on its own. Your Cocobum piece would want to stay away from washing powder as some powders can do some serious damage to your piece. So, hand-wash on its own with mild soap it is!

  • Let it dry and dry, and dry. Let your swimwear dry naturally, hang or lay to dry, away from a heat source or sunlight. Let it breathe when it is wet, don’t keep it in a closed bag.

  • Keep some more Cocobum ones. You will be more patient when your beloved piece is drying when you have another Cocobum one! Rotating your swimwear is key, so the fabric can recover from wear and wash. After all, you should have a closet full of Cocobums!